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The following is a list of schools with pending applications for CAMTC school approval.  Schools on the Pending Applications list are those schools that have submitted an application for CAMTC school approval but the application either is not yet complete and/or no final decision has been rendered by CAMTC on the application for school approval. 

Please check this list frequently, as schools will be added to the list as their applications for school approval are received and will be removed from the list as final decisions are rendered. 

Notice to Students:  CAMTC will hold all applications from students whose applications are received by CAMTC on or after July 1, 2016 with education from school(s) that have applied for CAMTC approval, but for whom a final decision has not yet been rendered. If the school ultimately receives CAMTC school approval, the hold on the students’ applications will be lifted and the applications will be processed in accordance with CAMTC’s standard procedures. If the school is ultimately denied CAMTC school approval, the applicants for certification will then be notified that they may not use education from that school for CAMTC certification purposes, and that they will have one year from the date of the notification to provide proof of education from a CAMTC approved school or schools.

Applications Received

Aberdeen College
Aceport College
Alive! Institute of Therapeutic Massage – Rosemead
Alive! Institute of Therapeutic Massage – San Diego
American Beauty Institute
American College of Healthcare – Huntington Park
American College of Healthcare – Riverside 
American Empire College
Andaman Institute of Massage
Angeles College
Arcata School of Massage
ATI College
Blake Austin College
California Healing Arts College
Chico Therapy Wellness Center
Coastline Beauty College
Cosmotek College
Cypress Health Institute
David's Academy of Beauty – Corona
David's Academy of Beauty – Pico Rivera
Evons Beauty College
Fenwu University of Alternative Medicine dba Alhambra Medical University
Golden Bridge College

Hair California Beauty College
Hamilton College - Los Angeles
Hamilton College - Monterey Park
Harbin School of Healing Arts
Harbor Career College
Health Medicine School
Heavenly Touch Learning Center
Intercoast Colleges – Carson
Intercoast Colleges – Elk Grove
Intercoast Colleges – Fairfield
Intercoast Colleges – Orange
Intercoast Colleges – Riverside
Intercoast Colleges – Roseville
Intercoast Colleges – West Covina
International Beauty College
International School of Beauty, Inc.
Jinshan Institute of Clinical Massage
Jupiter Hollow School for Massage
Katie Skills Center
Kingston University
Loving Hands Institute of Healing Arts
Massage School of Pasadena
Milpitas Massage College
Natural Healing Institute
Nine Star University of Health Sciences
North-West College – Pasadena
North-West College – Pomona
North-West College – Riverside
North-West College – Santa Ana
North-West College – West Covina
San Bernardino Beauty College
Santa Barbara Bodyworks
Sebastopol Massage Center
Stanton University
University of East-West Medicine
University of Western California
Vitality College of Healing Arts
Washington College
West Valley College 
World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts

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